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 雅礼中学国际部简介Intro of YLID


YLID has currently set up different courses such as the core compulsory courses for domestic high school, Fundamental, Intermediate & Advanced International English Courses, elective U.S. high school courses; College Entrance Test Prep. courses plus ACT (American College Test) or SAT (Scholastic Assessmen Test) Skills Courses, AP (Advanced Placement) subjects and optional courses for French or Spanish. For Grade 12, YLID provides various courses with special focus on:China & World History, Chinese Traditional Culture, Advanced Mathematics, Calligraphy Class, Baseball, Cooking Class, Photography,  Life Skills Class etc..

These domestic and international courses interface with each other, helping the students to lay a solid foundation for their knowledge so that they develop the essential capabilities to be successful in their overseas study.


Class period:For students in senior one and senior two, YLID  provides full time courses from Monday to Saturday with 8 classes everyday. For students in senior three, YLID  provides fulltime courses from Monday to Friday with 8 classes everyday. The scheculdes are exclusive of summer/winter vacations, national holidays and special arrangements. Students will also receive supplementary instructions during part of their summer and winter vacations.



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The 3rd Floor, Southern New Teaching Building, Yali High School, No. 428, Laodong Western Road, Changsha, Hunan 410007